Arabiska medieplattform

Our Story


Being new in a country not only you means you have to find a house to live in, a day job and learn a new language. It also means you have to take part of a new society in new, foreign, ways. It is overwhelming, confusing and stressful to start anew.

Founder of Aktarr, Kotada Yonus, who fled the war in Syria, saw a need for a platform where current news and information along with queries about how Sweden and its society works. The quotes above are from Aktarr’s Facebook and why Aktarr exists.


After 2 years of hard work, Yonus have partner up with Kristina Dobricic and together they are leading the platform to another level. With a vision to build a more inclusive multicultural society, Kotada and Kristina starting a virtual place where all society member can meet and discuss all kind of problem and solution our society is facing at the moment.