Our Story

Aktarr started as a printed paper and online news source called Öresundspuls, in 2015.

Öresundspuls successfully managed to establish as a credible for source for information within the Arabic-speaking community in Sweden.

Today our head office is based in Malmö with a team of experts with a diverse background and international experience with Arabic, Swedish and English as working languages.

We are rebranding! The Arabic channel Öresundspuls grows and changes the name.

The Malmö based media company Öresundspuls has since October 2017 expanded to 7 employees and have now customers and followers all over Sweden.

Öresundspuls changes the name to Aktarr from 16-10-2017 and follows the same mission to spread information and guidance to the Arabic speaking population in Sweden.

Arabic is now Sweden’s second biggest language and approximately 20 % of Swedes have an additional cultural background than just Swedish.

This poses new challenges but also new opportunities in societies.

With Aktarr we inform our followers about topics and themes that are to direct them in their new societies in Sweden.

Such topics can range from health, housing to entertainment in Sweden.

Aktarr TV is most popular on our social media with 85 000 links on facebook.

Our webpage now is www.aktarr.se have a regular reader base.

Our previous website oresundspuls.se have moved to aktarr.se

For further information or inquiries contact kristina@aktarr.se