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About Aktarr

We battle segregation with more news, more content and more common understanding for Sweden and the world today. Aktarr means MORE

About Aktarr



What is the solution to segregation? Aktarr believes it is a common platform where leaders and viewers meet. A platform feeding current world news and domestic news reported in Sweden in Arabic.

When Kotada Yonus started to make domestic and international news in Swedish media available to the Arabic speaking community in Malmö, he realised how big the segregation issue was. Facebook and web TV are effective tools to burst the bubble of isolation. Yonus founded Aktarr making Swedish news, law, economy, language and society in general available to the Arabic speaking citizens in Sweden.

Aktarr’s aim is to raise awareness and knowledge about current societal issues as well as to break taboos and promote dialogue in the name of freedom of speech. Aktarr believes that it is inclusion that will battle the segregation in the Swedish society. A common platform where leaders and viewers meet to communicate and discuss current issues, is a way to how we will increase integration.

About the name



Under the name Öresundspuls, the media platform started off in Malmö to include the Swedish and Danish regions around the Sound. As interest grew among the speakers of what is now Sweden’s second biggest language, Öresundspuls grew more, got more viewers and along with the demand for more common information. Thereby, Öresundspuls changed its name to Aktarr, meaning ”more” in Arabic, in 2016.

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